Another Hole In The Head Film Festival 2010: Phasma Ex-Machina Review And Trailer

Have you ever stood completely still in your house and felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, or felt a sudden burst of chilled air in an otherwise warm room? Maybe what you are feeling isn’t just a random altering of sensations, but rather a supernatural occurrence correlating to electronic emissions in power lines in and around your house.

Now, what would happen if say, you were an expert electrician whose knowledge of all things electrical is equaled only by your passion to resurrect your recently deceased parents by means of something resembling a large home stereo? You don’t need a degree in electrical engineering to know that going against nature or bringing back something – especially through the use of science – you’re not supposed to will and can only end badly. Lest we forget the lessons learned in Jurassic Park?

Speaking of Spielberg’s dinosaurs, it’s no spoiler to say that director Matt Osterman’s Phasma Ex-Machina doesn’t have a T-Rex, a high speed chase, or even Jeff Goldblum for that matter. But what this film does have is an original ghost story script with just enough menacing moments to leave you with an eerie creeped out feeling when all is said and done. It also has a refreshing and more true-to-life (even in the supernatural realm in which it lives) ending seldom seen in bigger budgeted more conventionalized Hollywood type films. It would be interesting to see what this young filmmaker could do if given a bigger budget. I for one am looking forward to seeing what else he has to offer.

Showtimes for Phasma Ex-Machina:

7/24/10 Saturday 9:00 PM Viz Cinema (1746 Post St.)

7/28/10 Wednesday 9:00 PM Viz Cinema (1746 Post St.)


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