Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans Review And Trailer

Drugs, murder, mayhem, Iguanas. Werner Herzog‘s Bad Lieutenant will undoubtedly be compared to the 1992 original but anyone who has seen the film will realize that’s a hard thing to do. Both movies are about cops who fall off the edge because of drugs, sex and gambling, however that’s about where the similarities end. Herzog’s film is a decent into madness that only he could have conjured. With hallucinations, assault on the elderly, and thought provoking questions about fish, it’s not a portrait of a bad cop, it’s a portrait of cop who has gone completely insane and is loving every second of it. The best part is, Herzog makes sure you enjoy the madness just as much.

Much of the films pure awesomeness is due to the incredible acting of Nicolas Cage who gives one of the best performances of his career. While diving head deep into his character, Cage starts to move, speak, and stare almost as if he has become possessed by an evil force. The best acting in the film however, according to Herzog, is from the Iguanas. Herzog and investors clashed heavily over how much screen time the Iguanas would be allowed. Investors said they would not tolerate more than five seconds of Iguanas while Herzog demanded three whole minutes. Herzog even stated that he would stop making films if he couldn’t have his Iguana scenes and, considering Herzog once pointed a loaded gun (will full intent to use it) at Klaus Kinski when he tried to quit halfway threw a film, I’d believe it. Herzog got his Iguanas, and it’s a good thing he did, as Bad Lieutenant was not only the funnest film of 2009 but quite possibly the best.


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