San Francisco Frozen Film Festival Has Arrived

Summer only officially begun last week, but as we all know, here in San Francisco that means break out the wind breakers and prepare for the cold.  So, what better way to get in from the cold than to attend the 5th annual Frozen Film Festival at the Roxie Theatre.

For two straight days, July 2nd and July 3rd, The Roxieplays host to a mix of eclectic films from local filmmakers throughout the Bay Area.  This year’s lineup will feature subjects such as dumpster diving, graffiti, vinyl figure collecting, Harvey Milk, global warming, surfing, skateboarding, animation, medical marijuana, breast cancer and the Bay Area prison system.  With a lineup like that, I challenge you to find something that doesn’t interest you about this place you call home, assuming of course that you do call the Bay Area home.

All the information, including movie times and brief descriptions of the films can be found at the San Francisco Film Festival home page.

So pack up some hearty soup and some hot coffee and come chill out at the Frozen Festival.



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One Comment on “San Francisco Frozen Film Festival Has Arrived”

  1. elina
    July 2, 2010 at 6:09 pm #

    Adam, I loved this one!!!! I was laughing from the opening sentence to the closing! I read it to ang and kk, but they were too busy cooking to appreciate the humor.

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