LYNCHone Review

Lynch and his infamous finger wagging à la The Cleveland Show

Having been a fan of David Lynch since seeing Blue Velvet (I wasn’t old enough to fully appreciate it. I was simply mortified), I’ve learned to enjoy (tolerate?) the infamous directors personal quirks and tirades when watching him in the occasional interview. His stream of consciousness directing style translates into his everyday mannerisms (and vice versa); On occasion, he’s described himself simply as “David Lynch, Eagle Scout. Missoula, Montana”. While explaining his recent foray into digital photography, he wiggles his fingers at the camera, as if to prove to the viewer that he’s a bit of a magician, summoning a sense of foreboding and dread through celluloid. Arguably, these and other eccentricities seem to add to his appeal. “Why does he do that,” and “What does that mean,” often permeate a casual conversation regarding the director. In this documentary series by French film studio Absurda, those questions aren’t specifically answered, but the curtain gets pulled back a bit, showing more of the man as opposed to more of the director. LYNCHone shows a bit of the creative process Lynch employs, but also shows the directors ability to be irreverent and, at times, very much a goofball.

LYNCHone, a compilation of two years of candid footage and casual interviews, takes us on a trip through the creation of Lynch’s newest film, Inland Empire. Footage of Lynch and crew traversing between sets and meetings is inter cut with personal stories from Lynch, articulated by the man himself. His tale of being a young lad in the Boy Scouts is especially vivid; while clearing brush and debris for hikers on a snowy hillside, a young Lynch happens upon a dead, rotting bovine. To say the least, intrigue and morbid fascination ensue.

This documentary is really for those who enjoy Lynch and his antics on a different level than those casual movie goers. See it if you’re a devout disciple of Lynch. Those less inclined may be turned off simply because it’s simply Lynch.

If you’ve ever wondered why photos of Lynch feature his blurry digits, or if you’ve ever speculated as to why he considers himself “…full of beans”, this film answers that question: That’s just David Lynch.

LYNCHtwo analysis around the corner…


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3 Comments on “LYNCHone Review”

  1. Nick
    August 13, 2010 at 3:19 pm #

    I want a pet monkey. spider monkey. pet.

    • Joey
      August 14, 2010 at 3:16 am #

      No, no, no, no. It’s gotta be that other table! Holy Shit!


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