Christopher Walken Lands New Gig As Radio Host

Christopher Walken... more like Christopher Talken

By now, if you do not know who Christopher Walken is I think it is about time you lifted that giant rock from above your head.  The man has starred in numerous films, broadway musicals, music videos and has hosted Saturday Night Live so many times that he has his own Best Of SNL DVD.

There are many reasons as to why this man has remained in the public eye, garnering such a devout fan base.  For some, it’s his dramatic performances (The Deer Hunter, King of New York), others his comedic ones (Joe Dirt, Balls of Fury), but for me, it’s all about his monologues (True Romance, Pulp Fiction).

There is no denying the fascinatingly unique and hypnotic cadence of speech to which he delivers lines.  In fact, I have always said that if Christopher Walken were to be on an hour-long infomercial pitching number 2 pencils, I would not only tune in for the full hour, but record it, download it as an MP3, and listen to it all day long.  So boy, did I feel like a kid on Christmas morning (I’m half-jewish, but that’s not the point) when upon turning on my computer, I read the announcement that Christopher Walken would be hosting a talk radio show on NPR (National Public Radio).

The show will air this Monday, the 16th at 12:00 noon.  Be sure to find your local NPR station and tune in to what is sure to be nothing less than a full-blown eargasim.


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