Coming Soon A Zombie Love Story: MAKE-OUT with VIOLENCE

Apparently, I somehow missed this one when it was on the film festival circuit.  MAKE-OUT with VIOLENCE (Yes, it is supposed to be in all caps) was recently brought to my attention from Jeremy over at  Thanks Jeremy.

October isn’t all that far away, and as of late all I have to look forward to is a tired Saw 3D sequel, another Paranormal Activity, some supposedly scary film, My Soul To Take, from Wes Craven (a man who hasn’t delivered a decent horror film since 1996’s Scream) and some remakes I’m not all that excited for, the reasons to which I will not go into right now (Let Me In and I Spit On Your Grave).  Before this film was mentioned, my only hope for seeing a brand new horror film in October sat in the hands of the great John Carpenter and his highly anticipated comeback film, The Ward, a film to which there is still no official release date!!! After seeing the preview for MAKE-OUT with VIOLENCE however, I now have a horror film to look forward to.  Too bad I missed the chance to see this on a big screen at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival last year.  Maybe the best horror film this Halloween will be a DVD release.  Only time will tell.

Click on the jump for trailer, release date and brief synopsis

From what I’ve read, the film is basically the story of boy meets girl, boy falls in love, girl dies, girl comes back to life as a zombie, and boy is still in love.  Based on that description alone, it sounds like it could have all the workings of a high concept comedy gone wrong.  But, here’s the thing; the film had an excellent film festival run picking up jury prizes, best feature film awards and even picking up one for best music.  Plus, the official press description says, “the film blends elements of up-beat teenage melodrama with the strange gravity of classic coming of age stories.”  All that along with a zombie girlfriend? Okay, I’m intrigued.

The DVD will be available October 26th and can be ordered here through factory25’s website.


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