Kabuki Sundance – Luxury?

What is a luxury movie theater? Don’t ask the folks at Sundance because they have it all wrong. To them, luxury is lounges with over priced drinks and being able to select your seat before entering theater. To me, that has nothing to do with watching a movie. If they are going to charge $14 for a ticket after the amenity fee, there are a few basic amenities I would like them to remember.

1. Movies should be in focus. Sounds pretty simple, but on more than one occasion I have sat through the first 20 minutes of a film with it blatantly out of focus. After a while they finally realize and fix it, but at $14 a ticket I feel they should be able to afford a projectionist that knows how to tell if a film is in focus. I don’t care what seat you pick, if the screens not in focus, it still sucks. Other fancy pants theaters have someone who monitors the fist 10 minutes of the film to make sure the quality is up to theater standards, why can’t they?

2. Kick people out if they are disturbing the theater. I don’t care how much people pay to watch the movie they should still get kicked out for talking and texting. Should I have to go complain, then I miss part of the movie because other guests are rude? I don’t think so. Last movie I saw at the Kabuki someone narrated the whole movie to their blind friend. That is just ridiculous. If that doesn’t make my point this will, At the prestigious SFIFF ushers in the theater kept their walkie talkies on during the film! You could hear radio babbling during the movie! What are they thinking?

3. Something every theater should do in my opinion; close the doors right after the previews end. People should not be able to come into a movie after it starts, then stumble around in the dark looking for a seat, especially with assigned seats. Someone with seats in the middle of the theater will walk through and disturb everyone because they picked out their seats ahead of time. Middle seats should go to the people who get to the theater on time.

4. Customer service. I wrote Sundance an email explaining to them that at $14 dollars a ticket they should improve their services. I was polite and they never wrote back.

What I have learned from this is simple; Always movie hop. Last month I did pay $14 for a ticket but I saw three movies. At less than $5 a movie it was worth it. Thanks Sundance!


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