67 Films From 20 Countries: SF Shorts Festival Coming To The Red Vic 9/8 – 9/11

With so many choices to choose from at this year’s festival of short films how does one go about deciding which day to attend?  Thankfully, this year’s program is broken down into 7 different themes.  There’s Dare To Care (films on love, and commitment), I Am (films on illusion, reality, and identity), Ties That Bind (films on escape, transition, and fulfillment), Hocus Pocus (films connecting time, place, and people), Lost in Transition (films exploring change, choices, and life navigation), Want, Need, Must (films that examine the facets of desire, obsession, and compulsion), and Right Back At You (films dealing with the consequences of betrayal).  So, whatever the selection you choose, be sure and show up a little earlier than the start time in order to grab your homemade Red Vic culinary confection and be treated to a few specially selected world premiere music videos.  Click on the jump for the full SF Shorts schedule
Here is a statement from the SF Shorts official site about the festival. “It’s about grabbing someone by the eyeballs and making them think, feel and react.  It’s about what people see every day but now stare at in wonder. The festival screens a wide mix of genres to watch films rub up against each other.  SF Shorts proves that entertainment can have human value.
SF Shorts Schedule:
Wednesday, September 8
7:30 pm Film Mix 1 DARE TO CARE
9:30 pm Film Mix 2 I AM
Thursday, September 9
7:30 pm Film Mix 4 HOCUS POCUS
9:30 pm Film Mix 7 RIGHT BACK AT YOU (Q&A)
Friday, September 10
5:30 pm Film Mix 1 DARE TO CARE (Q&A)
7:30 pm Film Mix 3 TIES THAT BIND (Q&A)
9:30 pm Film Mix 5 LOST IN TRANSITION (Q&A)
Saturday, September 11
3:30 pm Film Mix 7 RIGHT BACK AT YOU
5:30 pm Film Mix 4 LOCUS POCUS (Q&A)
7:30 pm Film Mix 6 WANT, NEED, MUST (Q&A)
9:30 pm Film Mix 2 I AM (Q&A)

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