Oh My! Rutger Hauer With A Shotgun + A Mass-Murdering Christmas Tree

It seems that a lot of this year’s major releases have been B-list themed films with A-list actors and directors.  From the futuristic organ donor thriller, Repo Men which starred Forrest Whitaker and Jude Law, to Robert DeNiro’s latest, Machete which was directed by Mr. Spy Kids, Robert Rodriguez, it seems that this trend of well-made schlock isn’t going away any time soon.  Even Alexandre Aja, the director of High Tension and The Hills Have Eyes remake got on board to reboot Piranha 3D.  Must I even mention The Expendables?

While audiences, for the most part are eating this stuff up, I for one am probably most hungry for what looks to be a return to form for one of my favorite baddies from the 80’s in Rutger Hauer‘s Hobo With A Shotgun.

I remember thinking to myself when the cast for The Expendables was announced that it was a shame Rutger didn’t get an invite, but now I see after years of sub-par straight-to-DVD offerings that he will once again have a lead role in a big film, I am pretty pumped.  Watching the trailer, I couldn’t help but reminisce over the great genre offerings from his 1980’s and early 1990’s heyday like Wedlock, Blind Fury, The Hitcher, and of course Bladerunner.

Perhaps the only question mark on this film lays in its director, Jason Eisener.  Hobo With A Shotgun would be Eisener’s first feature-length film.  His only other film is a 16 minute blood-soaking hilarious short he did in 2008 about a Christmas tree who has its revenge in the aptly titled, Treevenge.  You’ve got to see this to believe it.  Does this alone qualify him to shoot a major film and help Rutger Hauer start a comeback?  If you’ve seen the short film, than your answer will no doubt be an enthusiastic Hell Yeah!


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