Coming To The Embarcadaro: NY/SF International Children’s Film Festival – It’s Not Just For Kids

Where else but San Francisco can you finish attending an erotic film festival then head off to a children’s film festival the very next day?  To most people this idea might seem wrong, following up a naughty movie with something a bit more pure and wholesome, but if you are like me and appreciate a good film of any genre than you should be excited for this year’s 3 days of family entertainment with the NY/SF International Children’s Film Festival.  One of this year’s highlights is sure to be the interactive presentation with the director of last year’s best animated picture nominee, The Secret of Kells, Tomm Moore. All the films are being shown at Landmark’s Embarcadaro Center Cinema, with the opening party being held at the Punch Line Comedy Club, which is right next door to the cinema, convenient, I know.  Check out the schedule after the jump.

9/24/10 Friday:

4:40pm Party Mix (A collection of short films including Nick Parks’ latest Wallace & Gromit adventure)

5:00pm Opening Night Party (Kid friendly food and entertainment)

6:45pm Sounds Like Teen Spirit (song contest documentary whose subjects are 10 to 15-year-olds who love to sing)

9:20pm Flicker Lounge (A series of shorts for teens and adults offers an entertaining variety of clever, kung fu–kicking, cross-genre, mixed media, mind-bending moments.)

9/25/10 Saturday:

10:30am Kid Flick Mix (Colorful animated shorts aimed at the 3 – 8 year-old audience)

12:15pm Eleanor’s Secret (Story of kids in a library where books such as Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and others come to life.  Recommended for all ages)

2:15pm Oblivion Island (Shot in 2D animation and shifting into 3D as the story progresses, Oblivion Island plays like a modern take on Alice’s fall through the rabbit hole.)

4:30pm Little White Lies (Live action feature set in 1931 Germany, this gripping, beautifully executed feature foreshadows coming fascism through the microcosm of a school.  Sounds heady, I know, but SFFS lists this as being enjoyable from ages 10 and up.)

7:00pm Summer Wars (Anime of the highest caliber.  “The film’s dazzling fluency of motion and untethered brilliance of invention makes the usual fantasy anime look childish and dull!”Japan Times)

9/26/10 Sunday:

10:30am Turtle – The Incredible Journey (Documentary on the incredible journey of a turtle, hence the name)

12:30pm Tahaan (Set in Kashmir, Tahaan is the story of a boy and his ass, I mean Donkey.  Hee-haw)

3:00pm The Secret of Kells (Magic and Fantasy and Celtic Mythology come together in this Oscar nominated animated feature)

5:45pm Mia & the Migoo (Animated adventure focusing on the importance of our environment.)


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