Next Week At The Roxie – San Francisco Irish Film Festival

"And if you do not attend the Irish Film Festival I shall poke you a second time"

Well folks, the San Francisco Irish Film Festival (Click on link to see promo video) is just around the bend, and although there are only 6 films to choose film, they should be interesting ones.  This year’s features range from a murderous dark comedy, a post-apocalyptic drama, a heroin documentary, and a touching 90-year-old love story told through the voices of 70 women which won best feature documentary and best cinematography at this year’s Sundance film festival.  Plus, there will be free Irish Cider for Friday’s Magners & Short program.  Woo-hoo, free cider!  If the films are as entertaining as the short promo reel (linked above) then how could this festival not be a success?  Check out the full schedule with trailers after the jump.

Thursday 9/23/10:

6:30pm Opening Night Party (Hosted by the Consulate General of Ireland and the Irish Network of Bay Area) Picaro Cafe 3120 16th Street

9:00pm A Film With Me In It @the Roxie (Q&A with writer and director, Mark Doherty)

Friday 9/24/10:

7:00pm Magners & Short @the Roxie (Irish Bollywood, vampires and free cider!)

9:00pm One Hundred Mornings @the Roxie (Q&A with filmmaker after film)

Saturday 9/25/10:

5:00pm Meeting Room (Q&A with director, James Davis after film)

7:00pm The Bass Player (Q&A with filmmaker after film)

9:00pm His & Hers (Winner of best documentary at this year’s Sundance)


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