Teaser Trailer For The Wicker Tree Hits The Web: See It Here

After 37 years, director Tom Hardy has finally gotten back to the director’s chair to give us part 2 of his much acclaimed 1973 occult classic, The Wicker Man.  Please, do not be confused, this is not a sequel to the poorly done campy 2004 version starring Nicholas Cage, and For the record, I stand behind my belief that while the movie was crap, Cage was great.

Anyway, this time out, the reimagined sequel will take place in Texas, and be called The Wicker Tree.  The cast mostly consists of unknowns, except for Christopher Lee, who will be returning, but whose role will be different from the original.  IMDB has him listed only as Old Man.  No make-up necessary for that part, after all, the dude is 88.

This week the teaser trailer for the film was released, and you too can see it here after the jump.  For those of you who hate spoilers in previews and don’t like seeing your entire movie in a condensed form, fear not.  This teaser is pretty cryptic.  Also, the preview shows no hint that any kids will be marching around a penis pole like in the first Wicker Man.  Maybe this is a good thing, maybe not, only time will tell.  Click on the jump to see the teaser trailer for The Wicker Tree


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