Under The Oscilloscope #1: GUNNIN’ FOR THAT #1 SPOT – A Rapview

Hello, and welcome to the first edition of Under The Oscilloscope.  This is where I examine one of the films that Oscilloscope Laboratories has to offer.  Founded just over a year ago, Oscilloscope Laboratories is the brainchild of the Beastie Boy’s Adam Yauch, although most probably know him as MCA.  He’s the one who has a “beard like a billy-goat”.  They specialize in… why don’t I just let MCA tell you.

“Oscilloscope Laboratories is a NYC-based feature film distribution company. We distribute unique independently-produced films in theaters, TV, DVD, international and via osmosis. We are currently building a time machine. Check back soon for more info about folding time and space.” – Adam Yauch (MCA) Oscilloscope.net

In honor of one of my favorite rap groups and the president of Oscilloscope Laboratories I decided to do my review to the beat of Paul Revere. Cheesy? Yes, but who cares, it was fun.

Nowwwwww, here’s my little review I got to tell/Directed by a Beastie Boy you know so well/It started when I popped in my DVD/And had 8 teen athletes presented to me/Been had a little popcorn with my open ear/Just me and my popcorn and an ice-cold beer/Adam Yauch being the man, opened the film with a plan/to introduce these subjects just as fast as he can/One lonely overwhelmed viewer, I be/Trying to figure out this documentary/The use of composition’s clever to show each player and their stats/the story’s pretty dope, the execution’s flat/Not in the Hoop Dreams world, but still a nice try/This film it made me hungry, while Hoop Dreams made me cry

vooomph vooomph va-voo-voomph/vooomph vooomph va-voo-voomph (Musical interlude between verses)

There is more to this story than seeing ballers rehearse/There’s this famous park called Rutgers, let me tell you in this verse/Bronx borough is the land, it’s the mecca of what’s hip/in my journey through this film, the park’s history was the best trip/that said, I still was stunned/At the final outcome/the beer’s giving me the runs/This couch it hurts my buns/A slick and on-point score help gave this film street cred/like a bun without the spread or a burger without bread/Nowwwww if only MCA (director) would pick one story and just chill/his jumping around of narratives was making me ill/Now what do we have here, a storyline that is sincere/The facts on those who choose the Rutgers players every year/The fish eye lens transitions of city streets gave me a grin/In short, this film played like a 90 minute special you might find on ESPN


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