Doc Fest 2010: Eat The Sun – Review (sort of) & Glitch-Free Trailer

I wish I could say that day 1 of Doc Fest went off without a hitch, and I probably could too, but that would be lying.

Opening night of Doc Fest had 2 films playing.  First there was Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone.  That was to be followed by the 9:30pm showing of Eat The Sun.

Having already seen the previous film, I set off – with girlfriend in arms – to see the latter.  The premise seemed interesting enough; A documentary on people who practice a form of meditation called sun gazing.  Prior to entering the theatre, my only knowledge of this practice was of people claiming that staring at the sun could be used as a healthy substitute for eating.  Sounds crazy, right?  It also sounds like it had the potential to be an extremely entertaining film.

Unfortunately, extremely entertaining turned to extremely frustrating in the matter of minutes.  Apparently sometime in between Fishbone leaving the theatre and the line of people outside who were waiting to see Eat The Sun, a handful of gremlins entered the projection booth and began to wreak havoc.

So, the film was supposed to begin at 9:30 and we weren’t even let into the theatre until 10:00.  Not a good start, considering I already endured standing outside while waiting in a line, where passing the time was playing a game of Dont-Look-The-Dirty-Schizophrenic-Street-Nut-In-The-Eye for 45 minutes.  45 freaking minutes to a film that wasn’t anywhere near being sold out, c’mon.

Anyway, we get inside, take our seats, and within 2 minutes Kelda (programmer and interviewer) announces to the audience that they are having some technical problems and that there might be some glitches in the film about 20 minutes in. She asks if we could bear with her.  Sure, no big deal.  A little glitches here and there I can deal with, but when the glitches turn into complete loss of audio every 9th word of an important dialogue driven scene and the screen goes black, well… Roxie, we have a problem.

Glitches are one thing.  To me, a glitch is like a stutter or a hiccup.  What was happening here was far worse.  What we were witnessing was complete loss of sound, and screen going black.  Then Kelda comes out to apologize as the film starts to play in reverse.  As Kelda makes her way to the back of the theatre, the last scene that we saw before the gremlins started to attack begins to play again, only this time one of those little fuckers (probably the one with the stripe) cranks the volume up to 11.  Then, once the film starts “glitching” again – this time at a deafening level – I took my girlfriend’s hand and high-tailed out of there, being sure to grab my ticket vouchers at the door first.  There was no way we were going to be held hostage by a bunch of evil little green thingys.  Having known what happened to the movie theatre in the film, Gremlins, we weren’t taking any chances.

Now, I know Kelda personally, and I know she was trying her best to fight off the little green menaces, but I guess there is only so much one can do when a horde of gremlins are attacking the projectionist.  Better luck next time I guess.

Oh yeah, as for what I did see of the film, I enjoyed and plan on going back to Wednesday’s showing.

Remaining showtimes for Eat The Sun:

Monday, October 18, 7:15pm

Wednesday, October 20, 9:30pm


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2 Comments on “Doc Fest 2010: Eat The Sun – Review (sort of) & Glitch-Free Trailer”

  1. October 15, 2010 at 8:42 am #

    Welcome to the roller coaster world of digital projection.

    Regarding the late start, my guess is that the Fishbone Q&A went into overtime, but still, not a good excuse. I get livid when festivals can’t start their screenings close to on time. Poor Kelda!

  2. May 10, 2011 at 8:48 am #

    Hello Adam.

    We’ll be back at the Roxie as the Opening Night Film for San Francisco United Film Festival – June 24th at 7:15 pm. How would you like a screening copy instead? Would love for you to review glitch free.

    Let me know.


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