Taiwan Film Days Festival 2010: Hear Me – Review

Hear Me proves that formulaic romance films are awful in any language, spoken or not. The film focuses on a teen delivery boy who falls painfully in love (at least for the viewers) with a deaf girl who is working so her also deaf sister can continue training as a swimmer. There are quirky romantic moments like any rom-com has, but the film’s flaws overshadow its positives like John Goodman 2008  overshadows John Goodman 2010.

The films major flaw, besides the screenplay, was the director’s inability to find a creative way to show communication in sign language without bombarding us with medium shots. Using subtitles while showing us a variety of shots would have greatly improved the film’s visual style, which was boring to say the least. When 90% of a film contains no spoken language it better be visually stunning, because a generally shot romantic comedy with scarce dialog is never going to be a good film.

The sound design also could have been handled more creatively, instead it was handled like many other romantic comedies. The problem with this is, when you take the dialog out of a rom-com the remaining audio tracks are pretty unimpressive. Some kind of creative decision needed to be made about how to create a soundtrack that not only served the film’s subject matter, but also entertained the audience. I did sit all the way through this film just because I guessed the ending 20 minutes in and I wanted to make sure I was right. I was. This film has very little to offer any audience, but if you really love light romances you might find it tolerable.

Showtimes for Hear Me:

Saturday, October 23 – 6:40pm @Viz Cinema


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