Suspiria And Season Of The Witch Playing At The SF MOMA

Thursday, October 28th @ the Phyllis Wattis Theater (151 Third Street) – $3, or free to members.

WITCHES! is the SF MOMA’s double feature night to start off the Halloween weekend.  $3 for two films is an offer no one should pass up these days, especially if one of the films is Dario Argento‘s Suspiria. Filmed in beautiful Technicolor, Suspiria is a must see for all horror fans and all fans of color. Amazing blues, reds, and yellows light up the screen to make this horror film unlike any other. Add to that the amazingly fun directing style of Dario Argento and the insanely catchy horror rocking soundtrack of Goblin and you have a film worthy of playing in a museum.

Season Of The Witch is a film I haven’t seen, but if it’s playing at a Museum alongside Suspiria I figure I should get on that. It is directed by zombie master, George A. Romero after all.  Both films are short, so you’re looking at about three hours of total movie time.

The only downside I see to this event is on the MOMA’s website they have Suspiria listed at 92 minutes, which is the edited version of the film! Six amazing, blood filled moments of Technicolor madness are missing! BOOOOO on you MOMA. I would still see it anyway though because Suspiria on a big screen is a sight to see.

Tickets are not available online but here is the official page: Witches!


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