Berlin & Beyond Film Festival 2010: The Silence – Review and Trailer

More than 20 years after the rape and murder of a little girl, another girl in the same town suffers the same fate. A retired detective and the police department both go about solving the case in separate ways. But, when people of the town just want closure, it is easier to see what looks like the obvious than what might be the truth.

Beautifully and smartly shot, the film shows the issue of child molestation in a fashion that allows it to be disturbing but does not make us turn our heads. This intelligent directing, mixed with fine acting performances, creates a strikingly real drama.

The film did have a few detective story clichés that I am sick of seeing in movie after movie. This, however, does not change the fact that The Silence is an all around solid film that kept me glued to the screen from the opening shot to the last. That being said,  I felt the movie never lived up to its full potential, but I am very exited to see what director, Baran bo Odar – who will be at the screening – comes out with next.

Screening: Wed. Oct 27th, 2010 @ 9:00 PM – Castro Theatre, San Francisco, CA – Click for tickets


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