Cinema By The Bay Film Festival 2010: Fanny, Annie & Danny – Review & Trailer

With his newest film, Fanny, Annie & Danny, Chris Brown (the Bay Area filmmaker, not the R&B singer who beat up fellow pop star, Rianna) has crafted a superb anti-Rockwellian portrait of the American Christmas gathering. This is a film one might find hanging on a motion picture museum’s wall at the dysfunctional family values exhibit.  A feel-good holiday film, this is not.

The film’s title, Fanny, Annie & Danny refers to three siblings, all of which will partake in the film’s climactic second-half Christmas dinner.  The first-half of the film is spent with us getting to know each of the six characters.

There’s Fanny, the simple sister with special needs who lives in a group home. Danny, a mama’s boy who has his entire family fooled into believing that he can do know wrong, when in reality he is nothing more than a sleazy con-man who would – and does – steal from his own family.  Annie, the underachiever who hates her job and whose harboring of resentment towards everybody in her life makes her a real grumpasaurus.  She is clearly following in her mother’s footsteps of being a class A bitch.  Ah yes, the mother.  A portrayal of mean-spirited played so convincingly by Colette Keen that I am certain if I were to meet this actress I would not be able to tell the difference between her and her character, Edie. Rounding out the cast are the walked-all-over emotionally abused father and the pothead boyfriend, whose intake of marijuana is all he can do to calm his constant rattling of nerves brought on by his soon-to-be fiance, Annie.

As if you couldn’t tell by my descriptions, this family is in dire need of some serious counseling.  Watching the family be mean towards each other was painful at times and made for some really uncomfortable viewing.  This uncomfortableness I felt should be seen as a testament to just how good the script was.

The preview for this film mentions director, Mike Leigh (Vera Drake, All or Nothing) as a comparison to the type of film you are getting. I can honestly say that this comparison is not a case of some marketing department over hyping a film.  It can now be said that Mike Leigh no longer has a monopoly on all tightly woven working-class dramatic films, because here comes Chris Brown.

Remaining showtimes for Fanny, Annie & Danny:

Friday, November 5, 2010: 7:00pm @ Roxie Theater (3117 16th Street)


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