Cinema By The Bay Film Festival 2010: Ed Hardy ‘Tattoo The World’ – Review and Trailer

The following is an excerpt taken from Michael Hawley’s post on The Mill Valley Film Festival at his blog,

This serviceable doc traces the remarkable career of Donald Edward Talbot Hardy. As a kid in 1950’s Corona del Mar, Hardy became obsessed with tattoos and hung out in the parlors of Long Beach’s Nu-Pike Amusement Park. After obtaining a SF Art Institute printmaking degree, he operated a short-lived Vancouver shop before moving to San Diego, where he developed his craft inking umpteen sailors. Years of hard work on both coasts lead to his current stature as a master body artist and painter, one whose branding on everything from underwear to coffee cups generated $700 million in international sales by 2009. Over the course of this documentary, we learn about the evolution of Hardy’s artistry and his influences, both cultural (customized car painting, Mexican poster art, Yakuza full-body tats) and personal (mentors like Sailor Jerry Collins and rock-star tattooist Lyle Tuttle). The film benefits from Hardy’s genial on-screen articulacy and from the extensive examples we see of his vibrant, exquisitely photographed work. Perhaps less successful is the director’s listless voiceover narration and peculiar decision to score the film with opera and classical music.

Showtimes for Ed Hardy ‘Tattoo The World’:

Saturday, November 6, 2010 6:30pm @ The Roxie Theater (3117 16th Street)


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