Eye Candy: Chronos Review & Trailer


Our surroundings can become dull given enough time spent living or seeing the same things. What I really enjoy about viewing time-lapse photography and video is how it makes everything pronounced. Whether it be watching shadows slowly blanket a skyscraper, or clouds taking shape than evaporating, I can’t help but slowly feel like I am in a dream.

A non-verbal film that is forty minutes long, Chronos, by Ron Fricke is a beautiful film that heavily relies on its ambient music soundtrack. Together, the audio and visuals composed present a wonderful display of time-distortion. With focus on mainly mundane subjects, Fricke does a tremendous job with his camera to change perspective and to elicit an unique feeling. Perhaps in preparation for his critically acclaimed film; Baraka, Fricke uses multiple locations that span around the globe.

A few sequences standout from this film. Perhaps the most powerful, is the rapidly growing frame rate coupled with the musical track. While watching the intensity build, you cannot help but begin to feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety, and as soon as you want it to be over, it is. You are left staring at windswept clouds cloaking Monument Valley. The anxiety is replaced with bliss; catharsis. Seen here:

Fricke’s flow of image selection works magnificently, and his use of light adds a celestial feel to the whole film. To not view this in high-definition would be a great mistake.  In all honesty, without the high-resolution images, this film’s visuals are far less accented. Nonetheless, Chronos may be Fricke’s prelude to his masterpiece Baraka, but in its own right a wonderful visual journey.


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