Halloween For Film Fans And Anybody Else Who Doesn’t Want To Get Shot This Year

So, this Halloween you want to go out and party on the street but don’t feel like getting shot at like in previous years, right?  For those of you who live in San Francisco, or have partied there within the past few years, you should know exactly what I am eluding to.  That annual street party that takes place each year in the Castro district, which seems to usually go off with a bang, or two or three.

Word on the street has it, that this year’s party will be moving to the Mission district, which, as far as I’m concerned, is a pretty convenient location to have a gun fight.  Now, when people dressed as Kermit the Frog, Indiana Jones, Homey the Clown, or whatever start firing into the crowd, at leat I will have a safe haven to duck into at The Roxie Theatre.  And while I’m hiding from the lunatics on the street I might as well enjoy some celluloid lunacy by means of Straight To Hell and Searchers 2.0 presented by the cult director himself, Alex Cox.

Trailers so strange you have to see to believe for both films after the jump

Roxie’s Alex Cox double feature (for tickets click here) has Straight To Hell, and Searchers 2.0.

Straight To Hell is the 1987 western comedy action shoot-em’-up where heavily caffeinated cowboys, bank robbers and mass slaughter come together for one hell of a good time.  The film stars Dennis Hopper, Dick Rude, Joe Strummer, Grace Jones, Jim Jarmusch, Courtney Love and Elvis Costello.

Searchers 2.0 is a film I have not seen before so I think it best for The Roxie’s website to give the synopsis on this one. “As child actors, Mel and Fred were beaten and whipped by an imperious screenwriter, Fritz Frobisher. Now the elderly Fritz is to appear at a tee-shirt signing ceremony in Monument Valley, AZ, where his great films were made. Still living in LA and seeking work as actors, Mel and Fred decide to go to Monument Valley and give Fritz a drubbing. Since neither of them has a working car, they invite Mel’s estranged daughter, Delilah, to give them a ride.

For more information on both these films visit the Roxie’s official website, here.


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