SF International South Asian Film Festival 2010: The Blue Tower – Review and Trailer

Once in a while a film really fools you, such is the case with The Blue Tower. After the first 15 minutes or so I was bored. I thought I had figured out the whole movie, and everything was going to boringly fall into place as I watched. Right when I was sure the movie was going to take a turn for the worse it slapped me in the face.

The story starts out pretty straight forward: A young Indian man, married and jobless, is taking care of his rich old aunt in England, hoping to get her money when she finally croaks. He then begins an affair with his aunt’s caretaker, and from this point on nothing is what I expected. The plot twists and turns creating a fun drama that kept me exited through the rest of the film. The small amounts of humor are used perfectly to offset the otherwise horrible events that take place.

The one thing that could have helped this film take it to the next level would have been a bigger budget. The super low-cost movie looks good but is lacking some production value. To me the sound mix didn’t feel right and at points took me out of the movie. Over all though it was a fun, well made  look into a culture that I know little about.

Showtimes for The Blue Tower:

Saturday, November 6, 2010 7:00pm @ The Castro Theatre


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