This Tuesday 11/16: Special 35mm Uncut Screening of Re-Animator With Director, Stuart Gordon in Person

So what if Halloween is already almost 2 weeks in the past, this is San Francisco, the city where you never have to go out of your way in order to see some strange characters partaking in some otherworldly activities.  Want an example, just take an after hours stroll around either end of Height Street and you’ll see what I mean.  Not up to perusing the Height Street book-ends for all your crazy people watching needs, then head on down towards the somewhat tamer Richmond District’s Balboa Theater.

Starting at 7:00pm, Stuart Gordon‘s 1985 cult classic Re-Animator will be screening at the historic Balboa Theater.  Tickets for the event – and yes, any time the Re-Animator is playing, trust me, it is an event – are $12.  I know, I know… 12 hard-earned dollars for a 25-year-old movie, what the hell is this, the Sundance Kabuki?!  Well friends, that $12 buys you not just a chance to see this bizarrely great film on the silver screen in a beautiful 35 millimeter print, but gives you the chance to shake hands with the man behind the madness himself, Stuart Gordon.  No horror fan should be caught (re)dead missing this one.

Balboa Theatre is located at 3630 Balboa Street (415) 221-8184


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