New Italian Cinema Film Festival 2010: Ten Winters – Review and Trailer

First time director, Valerio Mieli‘s Ten Winters is an impressive debut made almost exclusively for anybody who is, or has ever been, classified as the hopeless romantic.

Standing erect amongst  the stickiest of pine trees, this saturated romance will either leave you covered in an elated state of giddy sappiness or have you puking from the abundance of saccharine infused aw, isn’t that adorable moments.  My take on the film falls somewhere in between the two.

essentially, this film is a high-conecpt introspective look at two kindred souls (Camilla and Silvestro) and their encounters that took place during the winter of 1999 and every subsequent winter thereafter.  It is in these winters that Camilla and Silvestro’s affections and bonds grow for one another.

The question of will they or won’t they is the film’s driving force.  Not to give anything away, but, judging from the picture on the post and the final scene of the trailer below, even the prudest gambler could safely bet the farm on how this one turns out.

It is that predictability factor mixed in with some questionable character motivations that frequently pulled me out of the story.  The film’s ability to awake that hopeless romantic sensibility that I so often felt throughout much of my 20s, while noteworthy, is often overshadowed by its forseeable trajectory.

All and all, for the hopeless romantic out there looking for a cinematic justification as to why you feel the way you do, I say yes, go see this film, assuming of course, that you have already seen the far superior hopeless romantic films, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Amelie.

Showtimes for Ten Winters:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 6:00pm @ One Embarcadero Center

Saturday, November 20, 2010 9:15pm @ One Embarcadero Center


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