New Trailer For Iron Sky – A Nazi War/Space Film

When trailers for films featuring a swastika space station, futuristic Nazis and Udo Kier hit the internet I am reminded of the reasons as to why I am such a huge fan of genre filmmaking.

The plot to the upcoming Iron Sky is outrageously simple; In 1945 the Nazis set up a secret base on the moon where they will hide out until the year 2018, that’s when they plan to return to power.

Although my expectations aren’t set that high, I am expecting something along the lines of a sci-fi-war-comedy, much the way Starship Troopers was, substituting the large spiders for Nazis, of course.

For some strange reason uploading this trailer to my post proved to be beyond my technical knowhow, but you can check out the trailer by clicking here


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