Top 5 Completely Random Shark Scenes

Jaws will always be known as the movie that brought sharks to the screen. Although many films have tried to capitalize on its success few have and most ended up embarrassingly bad. After seeing a few to many dismal killer shark movies I was caught completely off guard  by a random shark in Escape From LA. That’s when I realized that the best shark moments are the ones you don’t see coming. So here is my list of completely random movie sharks.

5. First Strike – Burping Shark

Sharks are the only living things that Jackie Chan can’t beat the crap out of. Sorry about the low quality video.

4. Escape From LA – Why Not Throw In A Shark?

I have no idea why Escape From LA director John Carpenter decided he needed a shark in his movie for about 2 seconds. He’s the big time director not me so I guess I’ll trust his judgment.

3. Under Cover Brother – Helicopter To Shark Transfer

This movie is so horrible I guess director Malcolm D. Lee figured throwing in a shark couldn’t hurt.

2. Batman: The Movie – Holy Shark Batman!

Sorry Dark Knight fans, Batman: The Movie is still the best batman film ever made. It’s just so goddamn funny. In this scene batman is attacked by a shark while climbing down his bat-ladder from the bat-copter. Luckily robin has some bat-spray shark repellent.

1. Zombi 2 – Shark vs Zombie + Naked Woman.

Zombi 2 is a pretty awesome movie. It has everything a good zombie movie should including a naked woman scooba diving while a zombie and shark fight each other. Also, considering this movie was made in the 70s I have to say the shark in this movie actually looks way better than the Jaws shark.


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