Films to See in February

Feb 1 – 2: Lemmy (Roxie)

A well-edited and well-shot documentary on the life and career of Heavy Metal musician Lemmy Kilmister, known mostly for his involvement with the band, Motorhead. “The Ace of Spades, the ace of spades!”  All reviews I have read on-line have been positive ones.  Being a fan of Motorhead, I’m looking forward to this one.

Feb 9: Double Feature: Seven – Memento (Castro)

Every Wed from the 9th until the end of February the Castro is showing a Fincher-Nolan double feature. This one is my favorite, as I think Seven and Memento are their best works. Others will disagree, so here’s the rest of schedule: 16th: Fight Club and Insomnia, 23rd: Zodiac and Dark Knight.

Click on the jump to see what else is coming to San Francisco this month

Feb 13 – 15: Annie Hall on Valentine’s Day (Red Vic)

What better way to spend valentines day than with neurotic Woody Allen discussing his relationship problems? Honestly, this isn’t really a great Valentines’ Day flick but it is a great movie.

Feb 17: Double Feature: McCabe & Mrs. Miller – Pat Garret and Billy The Kid (Castro)

McCabe & Mrs. Miller is one of my favorite American westerns. It’s a great film by Robert Altman that avoids almost all western clichés. I’ve never seen Pat Garret and Billy The Kid, but if it’s playing with McCabe I’m assuming it’s worthy.

Feb 24: Double Feature: Chinatown – L.A. Confidential (Castro)

This just speaks for itself. Chinatown might be the greatest detective story ever made and L.A. Confidential definitely holds its own… maybe not against Chinatown, but against anything else.

Feb 25: How I Ended This Summer (SFFS Screen/Kabuki) (FILMBALAYA’S BEST PICTURE OF 2010 WINNER)

Filmbalaya’s #1 movie of the year is hitting SF screens! This awesome arctic suspense/drama blew us away at the SFIFF. Go see it if you have a chance, it is truly a  must see. Check out our full review.

Feb 25: Drive Angry 3D (Major)

NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO HATE ON NICOLAS CAGE. He might not do the best movies but he is always a pleasure to watch. Nicolas Cage movies are a genre of their own and we are going to go see Drive Angry because it is going to be awesome.


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One Comment on “Films to See in February”

  1. Tom
    January 31, 2011 at 9:01 pm #

    A few others of note:

    La Conformista by Bernardo Bertolucci this Thursday at the Castro Theatre, and the biggie:

    The Leopard (with a new 35mm restoration) at the Castro on Feb 19-21

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