Monthly Filmbalaya + Le Video Free Rental Giveaway!

"Le Video is San Francisco's premiere alternative video rental store, with over 90,000 films, including rare and foreign videos found nowhere else including over 40,000 DVDs. We have FOUR times more movies to choose from than"

In Filmbalaya’s ongoing effort to help support local video stores stay afloat in these Netflix infested waters we’ve hooked up with Le Video (Check out their website here) to give away a free DVD rental every month (until we run out of coupons) to a lucky Filmbalaya reader!

All you have to do is send an email to with your name and your favorite movie. Then we write down all of your names and pick a winner out of a sweaty A’s hat or a snazzy fedora. The winner is completely random and has nothing to do with your favorite movie (but we will make fun of you if your movie sucks).

If you win we will email you. Then you get to go to Le Video and claim your free movie rental.  How cool is that? I think it’s pretty awesome.

All entries must have a San Francisco mailing address.


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