San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival with Peaches Christ

On Friday, April 15th, the Underground Film Festival will take center stage at the Victoria Theatre and is bound to be an evening of raunchy entertaining fun.  The hostess for the night is none other than San Francisco’s Peaches Christ.  For those of you who have already attended a Peaches Christ event you already have some idea of what to expect.  Had you never attended a Peaches Christ event before, you are in for a fantastic night out.  Basically, aside from seeing 20 short films from Bay Area filmmakers and a feature film about a shoe farmer, Devious, Inc., you’ll also be subjected to in-your-face entertainment (literally, I’m sure), a live loud rock show and a fetish contest.  Not only will you be supporting Bay Area filmmakers but are guaranteed to have one hell of a good time.  Tickets start at $15.00 and can be purchased by clicking the link to Peaches Christ’s website.

To get a better idea of what to expect check out the trailer for the event after the jump.


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