SFIFF 2011: Living On Love Alone – Review, Trailer and Showtimes

The direct translation of this film’s title is “living on love and fresh water,” a romantic French saying meaning that all you need to get by is love and water.  After watching the movie I am less convinced than ever that this is a good idea. 

Living On Love Alone is the sad story of Julie, a 23 year-old woman, trying to start her own life and giving up at every single bump in the road.  Her kind, beautiful, intelligent and yet hopeless character soon leaves everything for a chance at some excitement in the form of a handsome petty criminal.  Her reckless behavior leaves us wondering only one thing – will she wisen up before she’s in over her head?

It’s a heartbreaking pleasure to watch Julie, played brilliantly by Anaïs Demoustier, as her enthusiasm is drained and she leaves the corporate grind to simply exist.  Her character is so real and, with the current economy, so possible that it brings on not so subtle feelings of impending doom.

Director Isabelle Czajka‘s work is simple but highly effective and the realism of the world she creates makes the film all the more moving.  Her film is absorbing and it’s easy to connect with Julie’s emotions and the dangerously romantic road they lead her down.  I can see many people identifying with this reckless and passionate story of not fitting in to the “normal” way of life.

Showtimes for Living on Love Alone:



FRI APRIL 29 – 9:00 PFA

(Click here to purchase tickets)


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