SFIFF 2011: Something Ventured – Review, Trailer and Showtimes

To tell you the truth I was not at all looking forward to watching a film about venture capitalism.  It just didn’t seem that interesting to me.  Once the film was over however I was glad I gave it a chance.  The Locally made film was a short and fun history lesson on the California companies, and venture capitalists that back them, that went on to change our county and the world.

A venture capitalist is someone who raises large amounts of money in order to fund a high risk high reward startup company.  Venture Capitalists have funded Cisco, Atari, Apple, Genentech, and many other high tech companies.  They are responsible for putting up the money that led to breakthroughs in medicine, computers and video games.  I think its fair to say that they were in it for the money more than actually helping create new drugs that have saved millions of lives, but I guess it was a win/win for them and a win for those of us who can afford overpriced pharmaceutical drugs.

The film focuses on the venture capitalists that funded high tech businesses around the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.  We get to see interviews with the people who passed on, along with the people who finally funded Apple’s idea for a home computer and Atari’s home video games.  More interesting than that, we get an inside look into the mindset of someone who is risking loads of money to support something that everyone else thinks is crazy.

The filmmakers do a great job at keeping the film fast paced, entertaining and informative.  The movie is definitely worth seeing, especially if you live in the Bay Area and want to know about California’s second gold rush.

Showtimes for Something Ventured:

SUNDAY APRIL 24th – 2:00pm (PFA – Berkeley)

SUNDAY MAY 1st – 3:00pm (KABUKI)

(Click here to purchase tickets)


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