SFIFF 2011 Films in Brief: “Year Without A Summer”, “The Colors of The Mountain”, “A Cat in Paris”

Year Without A Summer

A very slow-paced, meditative film about a reunion between two childhood friends.  Long takes, impressive low-lighting, not for the impatient. – Tom

Showtimes for Year Without A Summer:

SAT Apr 23 – 3:00pm (Kabuki)

MON Apr 25 – 9:15pm (New People)

SUN May 1 – 5:00pm (PFA – Berkeley)

(Click here to purchase tickets)

Follow th jump to see reviews for The Colors of The Mountain and A Cat in Paris

The Colors of The Mountain

The apolitical innocence shown in one Columbian village sandwiched between Government armies and Guerrila fighters failed to garner any emotions from me in its telling of jaded elementry-aged school children who want nothing more than to just play futbol.  Were it not for a certain farm animal unexpectedly blowing up midway through the film – giving me hope that other living things might explode as well – I wouldn’t have stayed for the far-reaching attempts at eliciting artificial poignancy in the end. – Adam

Showtimes for The Colors of The Mountain:

SAT Apr 23 – 1:00pm (Kabuki)

SUN Apr 24 – 6:30pm (Kabuki)

(Click here to purchase tickets)

A Cat in Paris

A 2-D animated film with 3-D character development that features guns, hand-to-hand combat, references to “Goodfellas” and “Reservoir Dogs”, protagonists who are thieves and liars, awkwardly drawn female breasts, and to top it off, it’s suitable for children as well as adults.  Animation at its best!

Showtimes for A Cat in Paris:

SUN Apr 24 – 12:30pm (Kabuki)

SUN May 1 – 12:30pm (Kabuki)

(Click here to purchase tickets)


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