SFIFF 2011: Films In Brief – “Meek’s Cutoff”,”Cave of Forgotten Dreams” and “Let The Wind Carry Me”

Meek’s Cutoff

There is nothing like a western to get my juices flowing.  Though I loved this film, fans of the traditional story structure in Hollywood films might absolutely hate it.  Essentially it’s a beautiful thought provoking movie based on my favorite childhood video game, Oregon Trail.  The whole point is to get to the west coast without dying, simple yet difficult.  This is not a glorified western with shootouts and outlaws, it’s about getting from point A to point B in an unknown and unforgiving landscape.  For western fans think of 2007’s Assassination Of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. – Nick

Showtimes for Meek’s Cutoff:

FRI Apr 22 – 9:00pm (Kabuki)

MON Apr 25 – 4:30pm (Kabuki)

(Click here to buy tickets)

Click on jump to see mini reviews on Cave of Forgotten Dreams and Let The Wind Carry Me

Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

3D not only well used but necessary?  I never thought I’d live to see the day.  Werner Herzog takes us through one of the most remarkable monuments of humanity’s past in this fantastic film. – Tom

Showtimes for Cave of Forgotten Dreams:

MON Apr 25 – 7:00pm (Kabuki)

TUE Apr 26 – 9:30pm (Kabuki)

(Click here to buy tickets)

Let The Wind Carry Me

Watching Let The Wind Carry Me was like the visual equivalent of listening to a top quality commentary by a master cinematographer that one might find on a Criterion Collection supplementary disc.  This is a glimpse into the mind of the extraordinarily talented visual master Mark Lee Ping-bin and the hardships that come with dedicating himself to his profession as a cinematographer.  The documentary captures Ping-bin in both his home and work environments (the road), but mostly the latter.  Those who find behind-the-scenes technobabble dull might find this one to be a bit slow, but those even slightly interested in filmmaking theory will easily get their money’s worth.

Showtimes for Let The Wind Carry Me:

FRI Apr 29 – 6:15pm (New People)

SUN May 1 – 1:30pm (Kabuki)

WED May 4 – 3:45pm (Kabuki)

(Click here to buy tickets)


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