SFIFF 2011 Films in Brief: “13 Assassins”, “Nostalgia For The Light”, “The Joy”

13 Assassins

Takashi Miike‘s homage to Kurosawa (complete with a Toshiro Mifune-based character and loving shots of rain) with his modern, ultraviolent twist, an enjoyable period piece with a tried and true jidaigeki formula, and some quiet social commentary underneath it all. – Tom

Showtimes for 13 Assassins:

SUN May 1 – 8:30pm (Castro)

(Click her to purchase tickets)

Follow the jump to see our brief takes on Nostalgia For The Light and The Joy

Nostalgia For The Light

Patricio Guzman‘s latest meditative documentary on secrets found in the vortex of time hidden both amongst the cosmos and above and below the Earth’s surface – along with the astronomers, archeologists and surviving relatives of those murdered under the Chilean dictator Pinochet’s rule – is nothing less than a visual feast.  Those able to sit through the overindulgence of metaphors (Not at all that easy) will be rewarded with a pristine HD print of breathtaking cinematography and masterful early Nicolas Roegesque editing. – Adam

Showtimes for Nostalgia For The Light:

TUE Apr 26 – 6:30pm (Kabuki)

THU Apr 28 – 6:15pm (PFA)

(Click here to purchase tickets)

The Joy

The Joy is a wonderful fairy tale type story about Luiza, a 16-year-old girl, dealing with growing up in an unstable Rio de Janeiro.  As her world gets more chaotic she starts to fantasize about having magical powers and creates a clan that will take back her city from the evil that is controlling it.  At the same time the film is very much about being a teenager and dealing with all the emotion and change that come with it.  What makes the film so great is that it lets viewers make up their own mind and doesn’t force anything upon us.  If you’re a fan of modern fairy tales or coming of age stories make sure to check this out. – Nick

Showtimes for The Joy:

SUN May 1st – 9:15 KABUKI

TUE May 3rd – 1:15 KABUKI

WED May 4th – 6:00 KABUKI

(Click here to purchase)


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