SFIFF 2011: End of Animal – Review, Trailer and Showtimes

Cinematic mysteries, regardless of their genre in which they take place (sci-fi, drama, comedy, horror, etc.,) have always interest me.  I love a good who-done-it such as Clue or Zodiac just as much as I enjoy more symbolistic and metaphysical fare such as Inland Empire and Limits of Control.  When executed properly, having the primary theme of a film being to try to figure out who or what is responsible for events unfolding is almost always intriguing.  In the case of enjoying this mystery, I found it to be no doubt another intriguing experience as long as I remained steadfast in not over thinking anything that transpired on screen until long after the final credits have rolled.

End of Animal is not a mystery that will go over well with audiences who enjoy more conventional narratives.  Hell, it might not even go over well with those who favor experimental films, or even those who claim to have a firm grasp on David Lynch‘s Eraserhead.  The film is very dark, both visually and contextually and has a lot going on that doesn’t seem to ever make much sense, or at least at first it doesn’t.  I have my own take on the film but will surely spoil the fun if I were to go into details.

Can I recommend this film?  yes, but to only those viewers willing to surrender themselves to the mercy of a director and just go with the flow because sometimes a film is better when you are not caught up in the who, what, where and why’s, and Sung-Hee Jo‘s End of Animal is one of those times.

Showtimes for End of Animal:

THU Apr 28 – 9:15pm (Kabuki)

SAT Apr 30 – 9:30pm (New People)

TUE May 3 – 4:15pm (Kabuki)

Click here to purchase tickets



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