SFIFF 2011: Hands Up – Review, Trailer and Showtimes

Hands Up is a sweet and fun film that follows a group of French school children through a moment they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.  When one of their own is deported the kids realize that Milana, part of the group and an illegal Chechnyan immigrant, may be next.  When the parents of the children and all the other adults around them fail to find a solution the kids start plotting to take action into their own hands.

The first thing I noticed about this film was the way it treated the children.  It doesn’t dumb them down and treat them overly childish nor does it make them into unrealistic heroes.  It portrays them as what they are, normal children put into an extreme situation that they can’t fully comprehend.  As we watch the children try to deal with the situation it brings out the simplicity of childhood and burden of being an informed adult.  While the heart of this film is the bond between children, it also sheds light on issues of illegal immigration and the inhumane ways it is sometimes handled..  Director Romain Goupil‘s film is entertaining, touching and I would recommend checking it out.

 Showtimes for Hands Up:

Sun May 1st – 1:00 pm Kabuki

Tue May 3rd – 3:30 pm Kabuki

Wed May 4th – 6:15 pm Kabuki

(Click here to buy tickets)


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