SFIFF 2011 Films In Brief: “The Future”, “Position Among The Stars” and “Hahaha”

The Future

This is the first of Miranda July‘s (Me and You and Everyone We Know) films I have seen and I have to say that, although bizarre, The Future was quite enjoyable.  The awkward humor will challenge some viewers but the film is so unique it’s hard not to find it charming.  It focuses on a couple whose decision to adopt a cat in a month inspires them to live life to the fullest until the big day.  Unfortunately, they aren’t sure what they want out of life so their adventures end up unusually dull.  Fans of painfully funny moments and talking cats will enjoy this film.

There are no remaining showtimes for The Future.

Follow the jump to see brief reviews of Postion Among The Stars and Hahaha

Position Among The Stars

Leonard Retel Helmrich‘s third installment of one particular family’s life in Jakarta should play little to no difference on whether or not you should see this film.  Trust me, you don’t have to see the first two in order to understand and enjoy what’s happening.  Those who prefer narratives over fiction will be in for a treat, not so much in that what is transpiring on film isn’t real, but in the fact that the constant bombardment of breathtaking cinematography and long tracking shots resemble something one would find in say a Danny Boyle (120 Hours, Slumdog Millionaire) film.  But Position Among The Stars is far from any Slumdog Millionaire even though its exploration of family dynamics, religion, materialism and the meaning of life are just as, if not more, entertaining.

Remaining showtimes for Position Among The Stars:

WED May 4 – 9:00pm (Kabuki) (Click here to buy tickets)


This South Korean film is about two friends, who love saying “cheers” while exchanging stories of a seaside town that they both recently visited.  As it becomes clear that they were both in the town at the same time we get to see the ups and downs of their vacation.  The film is definitely dialog heavy and might not appeal to everyone, but those  who can accept its slow pace and quirky humor will be in for a treat.

There are no remaining showtimes for Hahaha.


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