SFIFF 2011: Closing Night Film “On Tour” – Review, Trailer and Showtimes

If you are looking for Vegas burlesque with tiny girls in g strings grinding in school girl uniforms, this is not your movie.  These women are curvaceous beautiful performers dominating their audience with dance, music, a little comedy and a lot of sexual energy.

France is going to love you” a promise that is hard to keep for our Juachim Zand; played by Mathieu Amalric.  Anxiously waiting for the moment in which the story jars you, but  realizing that this is the slow raw story of his fight back upwards to the top.  Overcoming his leftover shame and insecurities, we follow a man trying to direct a burlesque group of gritty saucy American girls through his beloved country; France.  With the hope of his hard work culminating in beautiful Paris, he tries to fix the shattered remains of a man he sees in himself.  Trying to prove that he is not just a financially ruined absent father, but also someone who can admit defeat and still carry on to accomplish greater things.  Offset by the beautiful Mimi le Meaux, played by Miranda Colclasure as the love interest of this story.  She seems to pop out of the story with as much dominating force as his sporadic temper.  An underlining jealousness when his two young boys are introduced to the story left the viewer wondering what back story these two lovers might have.

This slow paced story leaves you with a feeling of familiarity.  Life lessons transferable through this story left me with these thoughts: Sometimes we want to believe in something so strongly that the chance of failure seems obsolete.  Although the characters of this movie leave you wanting more i was left a bit unsatisfied.  From this humble writers opinion to you; i was hoping for more connection to this film.  A place where i could find myself lost in its story.  A moment where shivers creep’d up my spine.  Sadly i was taken on a gentle journey through the outskirts of Paris ending in a state of ambiguous love for the characters but with no real enthusiasm towards the story itself.

” We have to keep on going…I love you”

-Both quotations were taken from the film. As spoken by Juachim Zand; played by Mathieu Amalric

Showtimes for On Tour:

THU May 5 – 7:00pm (Castro) (Click here to purchase tickets)

Closing Night Party to follow 9:30pm – 12 Midnight – (The Factory – 525 Harrison St.)


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