CounterCorp Anti-Corporation Film Festival: Schedule, Trailers and Ticket Info

For those of you looking for a little more truth in film, exposés on corporate ugliness, or just some well told documentaries on subjects directly effecting how we live, look no further than the 6th annual CounterCorp Anti-Corporation Film Festival.  The event contains 6 films that will more than likely get you heated over at least one of the big corporations featured in the festival.

The 3-day 6 film event will begin on Thursday, May 19th and wrap up on Saturday, May 21st.  All the films will be held in the heart of the Mission District at The Victoria Theatre (2961 16th Street).

Trailers for the films, ticket info, and a full schedule can be found after the jump

Thursday, May 19:

The Bottom Line – 7:00pm (Tickets)

Barbershop Punk – 9:00pm (Tickets)

Friday, May 20:

Dreamland – 7:00pm (Tickets)

Blood in the Mobile – 9:00pm (Tickets)

Saturday, May 21:

The Naked Option – 7:00pm (Tickets)

White Water, Black Gold – 9:00pm (Tickets)


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