Coming Soon To The Roxie: San Francisco United Film Festival

Okay, shame on me.  I have never attended the San Francisco United Film Festival before, but all that is definitely going to change this year.  This year, enticing me to the festival is an encore showing of two classic Clint Eastwood San Francisco films, a midnight showing of Harold and Maude (still haven’t seen it yet) and a slew of interesting documentaries.  Here’s the official statement from unitedfest.comScreening cutting-edge, independent films & highly acclaimed classic movies with the audience in mind, this year’s lineup is full of amazing San Francisco premieres as well as midnight movies and classics which pay homage to this great city.”  Full line-up and ticket info can be found after the jump

Tickets for all films can be purchased here

All films will be held at The Roxie!!

Friday, June 24: Opening Night

6:00pm – “Bon Appetit” (Irasshai, The Sandwich Movie, Mistura: The Power of Food) Admisson is free

7:15pm – Eat The Sun (Screens with Mind The Gap and Banana Bread)

9:45pm – Eagles in the Chicken Coop (Screens with Weirdo and Tall Tale Tanner)

Midnight – Harold and Maude

Saturday, June 25: Behind The Scenes

2:00pm – Iranium (Screens with Crude Justice)

4:30pm – Bhopali (Screens with Mine: Story of a Sacred Mountain)

7:00pm – Superheroes (Screens with Desert Veil and 40 Years)

9:30pm – Gabi On The Roof In July (Screens with Fat Love)

Midnight – Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1977)

Sunday, June 26: The Quest

2:00pm – Lesson Plan (Screens with When I Was Young and Tourette Syndrome: Up Close)

4:30pm – I Do, I Don’t (Screens with Bottle and The Long Walk Home)

7:00pm – Stepping Into The Fire (Screens with The Philosopher)

9:30pm – Lick (Screens with Sudden Death!)

Monday, June 27: Crossroads

6:00pm – “Coming Of Age” (The Bully, Umkhumbi Wethu (Our Ship)) Admission is free

7:15pm – Falling Overnight (Screens with The Lucky One and Corazon)

9:45pm – White Irish Drinkers (Screens with The Interview)

Tuesday, June 28: Inside Filmmaking

6:00pm – “Behind The Artist” (A Comic Author X-ray, Me and the Devil Blues) Admission is free

7:15pm – Cleanflix (Screens with Clara Moreno – “Brincando de Samba” and Death of the Revolution)

9:45pm – Official Rejection (Screens with Fu(nd) This!)

Wednesday, June 29: Closing Night

6:00pm – “Twisted Tales” (Sis, 5150 Hold, Scent) Admission is free

7:15pm – Leading Ladies (Screens with Bathing & The Single Girl)

9:45pm – The Dead Inside (Screens with Danny Caldwell Goes to Hell)

Thursday, June 30: Encore Night

6:00pm – “Relationships” (Auf Wiedersehen papa (Goodbye Daddy), Neglect) Admission is free

7:15pm – Escape from Alcatraz

9:45pm – Dirty Harry


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