This Summer Cool Off With The San Francisco Frozen Film Festival

Summer only officially begun today (June 21st), but as we all know, here in San Francisco that means break out the wind breakers and prepare for the cold.  So, what better way to get in from the cold than to attend the 6th annual Frozen Film Festival at the Roxie Theatre.  This year the festival features films regarding hip-hop, fixed gear biking, mathematics, surfing, eroticism, and much much more.  Click on the jump for the entire schedule and ticket info.  See you there.

Click here to purchase tickets for the festival

Friday, July 8th 2011:

5:00pm – Adventures of an Earthling (IMDB) (Doc on strange alien sightings in New York)

6:30pm – Best Green Documentaries of 2011

  • Save Earth, Save Us
  • Chasing Water (IMDB)
  • Sick-Amour (IMDB)

7:30pm – Stage Left: A Story of Theatre in San Francisco (IMDB) (Doc on history of theatre in San Francisco)

9:00pm – Last Free Ride – The Life, Love and Death of a Punk Goddess (IMDB) (Doc on Bay Area punk rock performer)

10:30pm – Best Animated Shorts of 2011

  • Kidnap (IMDB)
  • Surviving Hunger (IMDB)
  • Gift
  • Triboluminescence (IMDB)
  • The Girl And The Fox (IMDB)
  • Pirate Scum (IMDB)
  • Demolition Disco
  • Over There Is Over Here (IMDB)
  • The Birds Upstairs (IMDB)
  • Out on a Limb (IMDB)
  • Something Left, Something Taken

11:30pm – Best Horror/Sci-fi/Thriller Shorts of 2011

Saturday, July 19th 2011:

 12:00pm – Best Experimental Art House Shorts of 2011

  • The Love Trilogy (IMDB)
  • Fruit Flies (IMDB)
  • Lake Mandala (IMDB)
  • Kai’e’e Makani (IMDB)
  • Hot Velcro Action (IMDB)
  • Dias De Los Muertos (IMDB)
  • B’raesheet (IMDB)
  • Waning (IMDB)
  • You Cannot Learn How To Be Honest (IMDB)

12:45pm – Best Surf Films of 2011

2:10pm – Best Short Documentaries of 2011

  • Fixation (IMDB)
  • Challenging Impossibility (IMDB)

3:25pm – Best Comedic Shorts of 2011

4:30pm – Best Dramatic Shorts of 2011

  • 51st & Baltimore (IMDB)
  • I Am… (IMDB)
  • Unfaithfully Yours (IMDB)
  • It’s Natural To Be Afraid (IMDB)
  • Red Rider’s Lament (IMDB)
  • After The Shearing (IMDB)
  • Controlled Burn (IMDB)

6:05pm – Malcolm X (Music Video) + Beatboxing – The Fifth Element of Hiphop (Music Documentary)

7:10pm – Dad Made Dirty Movies (Documentary on the father of sexploitative cinema)

8:15pm – The Bellman Equation (IMDB) (Documentary on the mathematician who helped create the atom bomb)

10:00pm – Color Me Obsessed, a film about The Replacements (IMDB) (Documentary on The Replacements)


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