Announcing The 2011 San Francisco Shorts Film Festival

Short films often get the short end of the stick when compared to their older sibling, the feature-length. Sure, you can always go to YouTube to check out the endless array of mini movies, but nothing can ever compare to the thrill of seeing a block of selected short films on a big screen.  And while we patiently wait for the movie industry to start releasing short films before all of their feature presentations at least we can find some reprieve in The San Francisco International Festival of Short Films (SF Shorts for short).

This year’s festival features seven different blocks of short films from twenty countries, making it hard for anybody to not find something that tickles their fancy.

Admission is $10 general/$8 for seniors and students.  All screenings will be held at the Roxie Theater from September 8th to the 10th.

Full schedule can be found after the jump

Thursday, September 8:

7:00pm: Film Mix 1: Global Impact — Films about “modern” life (5 documentaries, 1 animated, and 1 drama)

9:00pm: Film Mix 2: Blood is Thickest — Films about family (2 documentaries, 1 animated, 3 dramas)

Friday, September 9:

7:00pm: Film Mix 5: We The People — Films about adaptation, growth, and acceptance (1 documentary, 3 animated, 1 music video, 3 comedies, 2 dramas, 2 dramedies)

9:00pm: Film Mix 7: In Between — Films about distance found in close relationships (1 documentary, 4 dramas)

Saturday, September 10:

5:00pm: Film Mix 6: Soul Patch — Films about the pursuit of belonging, inner truth, and meaning (1 documentary, 2 animated, 2 music videos, 4 dramas)

7:00pm: Film Mix 4: Person-All — Films about the pursuit of truth in identity (4 documentaries, 2 dramas)

9:00pm: Film Mix 3: Man : Woman — Films about the ties between man and woman (2 music videos, 6 dramas)

More information about the festival can be found at


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