Love Exposure Review and Trailer

–adjective Also, ep·i·cal.
Noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style.

Where the hell to begin…yeah…hell…that’s perfect!  This Japanese-made film serves up a generous helping of religion and morality, of sorts.  As well as bloodbaths, lust, and love.

Our protagonist, Yu, is tossed into a confusing and ever-changing world when his mother dies.  He is driven by a promise made on her death-bed to marry a woman comparable to the Virgin Mary.  His father, Tetsu, takes a different approach in dealing with his wife’s demise and that is to enter the priesthood.  Tetsu was initially known as  a warm and benevolent priest, until he met and fell in love with Kaori, who is best described as a whirlwind of chaos and emotion.  Kaori leaves Tetsu after he wouldn’t leave the priesthood for her, which hardens Tetsu’s naturally peaceful nature.  His unrelenting sternness manages to give his son a sin-complex.  By forcing Yu to confess his sins everyday, Yu becomes hyper-aware and conscientious to those around him, but because his obedience doesn’t appear to appease his father, he takes the opposite approach by sinning as much as possible.  This leads him down a rabbit-hole which eventually leads to learning the art of up-skirt photography, of course.

Yu eventually loses a bet which leads him to kiss a woman dressed in woman’s clothes — this woman being his Virgin Mary, otherwise known as Yoko.  Unfortunately she is under the impression that she has kissed a woman, named Miss Scorpion which leads to a web of twisted lies and deception.  Being dressed as a woman is not Yu’s  only impediment in winning Yoko’s heart, as she only respects two men, Jesus and Kurt Cobain.  Naturally, Koike, the leader of a local religious cult, the Zero Church, becomes immersed in their lives with the sole intention of brainwashing them into the cult way of life.  And this is where the summary ends.

You need to see for yourself how this epic saga unravels, as it would take a short novel to explain the many twists and turns of Yu’s elaborate universe.  This is the only film I’ve seen which required a scheduled intermission…epic in every sense of the word.

Love Exposure opens in San Francisco at the Roxie Theater (3117 16th Street) for one week starting Friday, September 2nd.


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