Maya Indie Film Series 2011 (7 Films over 7 Days) – Forged Review and Trailer

Written and directed by William Wedig and co-wrote by Manny Perez , Forged is somewhat of a traditional ex-con drama. Although far from ordinary, this ex-con story plainly stood out.

The film starts off in typical fashion, Chuco (Manny Perez) is just released from prison, promising himself and the parole board that he is a changed man. Having spent eight years of his life behind bars for the murder of his wife, all he wants is to sit down at his favorite diner and enjoy a slice of apple pie. However, his inescapable past looms over him as he re-enters society. His pie has to wait as he is intercepted by his old colleague and is forced to once again work for Cesar (Jaime Tirelli), the ruthless gang leader who was his employer before his incarceration. Meanwhile, upon hearing the news of his father’s release from prison, Chuco’s teenage son, Machito (David Castro) has been living in an abandoned boxcar and turning tricks at a truck stop. Machito is haunted by the memories of the murder he witnessed and has been waiting eight years for revenge.

Upon encountering his father, Michito introduces himself as Chuco’s son and informs him that he will kill him for what he did to his mother. In an effort to salvage what little is left of their relationship, Chuco decides to take the $50,000 he was transporting for his boss and take Machito south, to start anew.

What was most apparent about this movie, at least aesthetically, was the low-life atmosphere created by cinematographer; Zeus Morand. His bleak and depressing portrayal of Scranton, Pennsylvania was distinctly eerie. His use of gray and color (or lack there of) reinforced the winter landscape around them. Filled with a cast portraying the lowest dregs of society you can imagine, it set the tone for a very believable experience.

While the runtime of the feature is only 77 minutes in length, the pacing of the movie felt rather slow at certain points and the opportunity for suspenseful moments were lost. The ambiance created however was certainly engrossing as was the on-screen relationship between Perez and Castro, albeit a little too abbreviated for my liking.

Showtimes for Forged:

Friday, September 16 – 3:03pm (Opera Plaza 601 Van Ness)

Saturday, September 17 – 7:25pm (Opera Plaza 601 Van Ness)

Sunday, September 18 – 3:03pm (Opera Plaza 601 Van Ness)

Monday, September 19 – 5:15pm (Opera Plaza 601 Van Ness)

Tuesday, September 20 – 1:00pm (Opera Plaza 601 Van Ness)

Wednesday, September 21 – 7:25pm (Opera Plaza 601 Van Ness)

Thursday, September 22 – 7:25pm (Opera Plaza 601 Van Ness)


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