Sympathy for Delicious Review and Trailer

I am always weary of a film that feels like it might become a religious propaganda piece.  Sympathy for Delicious, the story of a DJ that discovers he has the ability to miraculously heal, instigated reservation from the very start. Fortunately for me, and the film, the movie avoided pushing faith on anyone and instead looked into the burden, opportunity, and moral dilemmas that come with such a great power.  At times, the movie got a little to close to the typical indie drama formula for me, but that doesn’t change the fact that I still enjoyed watching it.

If you were a homeless DJ in a wheelchair living out of your car on skid row and then suddenly realized you had a healing gift that could solve your financial problems for the rest of your life, you would probably exploit it. This is the decision DJ Delicious D faces when he gets sick of slumming it as a pro bono healer working with a priest. Furious and confused that he can’t mend his own legs, he is forced to decide between staying on skid row or selling out as a sideshow in a heal-a-palooza rock band.

The one major problem some people might have with this movie is that there isn’t really a character to root for. Everyone is extremely flawed and far from lovable. If that isn’t something that bothers you, look forward to a fun blend of drama and comedy with enough intelligence to stand above crowd.  Mark Ruffalo‘s directorial debut isn’t brilliant, but it is definitely worth watching.


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