Announcing the 34th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival, Oct 6 – 16, 2011

This year, Filmbalaya spreads its wings ever so slightly north, in order to cover the 34th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival.

The festival opens on Thursday, October 6th, with two films expected to be major releases of 2011 and 2012: “Albert Nobbs”, an Irish film with Glenn Close (who is expected to attend), and “Jeff, Who Lives at Home”, an American comedy featuring Ed Helms, Jason Segel, and Susan Sarandon. The directors, Jay and Mark Duplass, are also expected to attend.

The festival is divided into several categories and events:

    Spotlight, Centerpiece, and Tribute events

– several of the filmmakers will be speaking, such as Glenn Close, honouring her career; Michelle Yeoh (of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame) and Luc Besson (of The Fifth Element fame) for their featuring film, The Lady, about Aung San Suu Kyi; and a Tribute to Gaston Kaboré, accompanying his film “Wend Kuuni (God’s Gift)”.

There will also be live music, a Children’s FilmFest, featuring workshops and several movies directed towards children but equally interesting to adults, such as the film discussing the sad demise of Circus Smirkus, “Circus Dreams”.

The lineup looks great, with about thirty films which are premiering in the USA for the first time, some of which are firsts in North America, and some which are world premiers.

We will also focus on films local to the Bay Area, and will be sure to keep you up to date and tell you what to see, or what not to see.

Click here for schedule, venue and ticket information.


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