Nicolas Cage is a Vampire – For Real!

No, this post is not a review of Cage’s 1988 comedy, Vampire’s Kiss. This post exists strictly to spread the word that Nicolas Cage is actually a Vampire, for real. At least that’s what a man from Seattle has recently been claiming. It seems he came across a photograph from the 1870 of a Tennessee man who strikes an uncanny resemblance to the actor. I mean, what other conclusion could one possibly come across after discovering such a treasure other than he must be a Vampire? Better yet, what would you do with the picture? Sell it on e-bay of course!

Now, I know what you’re thinking; the picture could be a relative, or one of those dress-up photos you have taken at the amusement park. More than likely, it’s probably just a really good Photoshop rendering. Clearly Nicolas Cage isn’t really a Vampire, right. I mean, everybody knows that Vampire’s aren’t supposed to age, and have you seen the man lately?

Follow the jump to read the original article from, which includes the picture and answers the question of how Nicolas Cage can be a Vampire and still age.



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