Closing Night at Good Vibrations Erotic Film Festival’s Short Competition

Tennis, trannies, thirty foot tall penises, and that’s just scratching the surface of what the Erotic Film Festivals Short Competition and pre-party had to offer.  It was my first time attending the festival and I have to say it quickly became one of my favorites.  The party, the films, the people, everything about the festival was just pure fun.

After picking up our tickets and party passes at will call Adam and I headed into the unknown with a sense of curiosity, much like Alice must have had when she crawled through the rabbit hole.  We had both been to the Castro Theatre many time before, but we knew this time it was going to be different, and different it was.  So different in fact that we immediately headed to the bar in hopes that the complementary drinks would help us adjust, they did.  Now, armed with the power of three of four glasses of wine, Adam and I were ready to kick ass and take names.

We started the night’s festivities by spinning the Good Vibrations prize wheel.  I was really hoping for a mystery prize, as I didn’t have much use for a vibrator or dildo.  I gave the wheel a spin and my excitement faded to pure disappointment as the wheel slowly stopped on lube.  I was consoled however by a young woman in a snazzy hat who was also upset with her prize of condoms.  She, it turns out, had really been hoping for a new vibrator.  I told her I would keep my eyes open.  Adam’s spin, unfairly aided by the wheel master, landed on Mystery Prize. Bastard.  He was awarded an adult Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack complete with a behind the scenes featurette (review coming soon!).

With lube packets and porno DVD in hand we were ready to meet some of the filmmakers.  Unfortunately, we had no clue who they were.  This is when I had the brilliant idea that people with the coolest hats would probably be directors.  This theory, although a complete failure as we didn’t meet any of the filmmakers, led us to some pretty interesting people.  On our first attempt a stylish man in a fedora told us that he was just a normal guy but introduced us to his friend who makes restraints and bondage equipment out of recycled tires.  All of us were then treated to several burlesque shows.

Our second attempt with talking to a man with a nice hat was a bust, and our third was looking pretty miserable as well. Then we were given some advice, “If you are looking for filmmakers find the guys that look absolutely filthy, or women.”  With no desire to talk to guys that looked absolutely filthy we approached a group of women and introduced ourselves.  This was how we met Bobbi Starr, who CNBC has ranked as one of porn’s 12 most popular stars.  Turns out Bobbi was also cast in my favorite film of the year so far, Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Drive.  Her scenes however ended up being cut.  After chatting with Bobbi and her friend Jizz, who I’m sure is very interesting but I’m to scared to google her to find out, the festival began so we headed to the balcony.

The hosts for the evening were Peaches Christ and Dr. Carol Queen, who were accompanied by Hugz Bunny and Lady Bear.  After the festival we got a chance to chat with all of them and those pictures you don’t want to miss.  The films were a whole lot of fun and ranged from PG-13 to XXX.  Tennis was a big theme but the night’s big winner was the hardcore lucha libre movie La Putiza.

I think I have a new favorite film festival. Next year you might even see an entry by one of the Filmbalaya crew.


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    Nice love your entry.10x

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