Announcing Lost Weekend’s ‘Not Available on Netflix’ Film Festival

First of all, let it be known that the irony in promoting a strictly offline film festival online in order to help a local video store just keep their necks above the Netflix infested waters does not elude me.  So, with that being said, and with the success of their first in-store Harry-Potter-a-thon, San Francisco’s Lost Weekend (1034 Valencia St.) will be screening a week-long film festival highlighting films to which those online movie distributors are not offering.  The festival kicks off this Saturday, October 1st with Penelope Spheeris‘ balls out punk documentary, The Decline of Western Civilization and ends on Sunday, October 9th with Roman Polanski‘s terrifying suspense classic, The Tenant.

All films start at 8:00pm and are free! Snacks will be available for purchase.  Try to make it down at least one night to show your support and to see some great cinema.  Personally, I’ll be attending Wednesday’s showing of The Swimmer.  Check out the full line-up of films after the jump.  Suck on that, Netflix!

Saturday 10/1 – ‘The Decline of Western Civilization’ (Dir. Penelope Spheeris)

Sunday 10/2 – ‘The Umbrellas of Cherbourg’ (Dir. Jaques Demy)

Monday 10/3 – ‘Murder, My Sweet’ (Dir. Edward Dmytryk)

Tuesday 10/4 – ‘Play It Again, Sam’ (Dir. Woody Allen)

Wednesday 10/5 – ‘The Swimmer’ (Dir. Frank Perry)

Thursday 10/6 – ‘Titicut Follies’ (Dir. Frederick Wiseman)

Friday 10/7 – ‘California Split’ (Dir. Robert Altman)

Saturday 10/8- ‘Pootie Tang’ (Dir. Louis C.K.)

Sunday 10/9 -‘The Tenant’ (Dir. Roman Polanski)


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