Announcing the 2011 Berlin & Beyond Film Festival

The 2011 Berlin & Beyond Film Festival starts October 20th and runs through the 26th. Last  year the festival featured a film, The Robber,  that many of us at Filmbalaya considered one of the best films of the year. This year’s lineup looks like it could once again deliver some top-notch films.

What I’m most exited for is the addition of a Late Show which is featuring Swiss horror film, Sennentuntschi; about a mysterious mute woman with a strange affliction  who shows up at a village in the Alps. While there is only one movie in the late program, I’m glad that the festival is mixing it up. If there is one thing San Francisco doesn’t need it’s another festival that only focuses on social issues and multiculturalism.

There also seems to be a load of good documentaries this year, two of which I am very exited about. Klitschko, the story of the Ukrainian brothers who moved to Germany and proceeded to dominate the boxing world, and Jane’s Journey, the story of the famous wildlife expert who spent 45 years studying chimpanzees in Africa.

The Festival’s theme this year is “Light, Love & Revolution” and it explores strands of The Lives of Children and Migration & Multiculturalism.  Some of the films look pretty good but on a whole I have to say that this city is already overflowing with human issue stories and it’s really hard for me to get exited for them anymore. I have a good feeling about this festival though, as it has delivered in the past and has a lineup that looks like it will deliver again.

Check back closer to the festival for reviews!

See film schedule after the jump

Click here for the full lineup

San Francisco
The Castro Theatre
Principal Venue
429 Castro Street, San Francisco
Link SymbolSee on Google Maps

7:00pm Opening Night Film: Almanya – Welcome to Germany
9:30pm Opening Night Party
3:30pm Mount St. Elias
6:00pm Joschka & Mr. Fischer
9:15pm How About Love (preceded by Miramare)
1:00pm Winter`s Daughter
3:00pm Little Alien (with In Transit: A Panel on Migration & Multiculturalism)
6:45pm The Poll Diaries
9:45pm Sennentuntschi
11:00am The Tigerduck Gang
1:00pm Face the Wall
3:30pm The Fatherless
6:00pm Centerpiece Film: Bold Heroes
8:45pm The Day I Was Not Born (preceded by Raju)
4:00pm Winter`s Daughter
6:30pm Stopped on Track
9:15pm Klitschko (preceded by Between Heaven and Earth)
3:30pm Jane’s Journey
6:00pm Remembrance (preceded by Laula)
8:30pm The Sandman
2:30pm 100 Years Hollywood – The Carl Laemmle Story
4:30pm Lila, Lila (preceded by The Visit
7:00pm Closing Night Film: If Not Us, Who
9:30pm Closing Night Party

San Jose
Camera 12 Cinemas
Encore Day
201 South Second Street, San Jose
Link SymbolSee on Google Maps

1:00pm The Sandman (preceded by Lights)
3:00pm The Poll Diaries
6:00pm Young Goethe in Love
8:30pm 3

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